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Nonsense (?)

The night hangs low tonight, a vista of starlight spangling my steps. The air is spiced with sin. I'm walking in one my favorite haunts, an icy little patch of grass by the river and my thoughts are ten thousand midnights away.

Now I'm just setting the scene, don't you go thinking it's story-time. My prose becomes a little ecstatic now and then. Stay with it.

The solution hits me out of nowhere. It's a vision plucked whole and perfect from the black eternity above me; a sudden flash of revelation, a hundred watt light bulb, a clear shape cast like a cameo against the light of the moon.

Walking does that, clears my mind, and puts damn fool ideas in my head (and makes me spout the purest nonsense.)

So I walk on as I did last night, - with me now?- and I hope my course along this deserted piece of wilderness might spark a mental epiphany as the first birdsong hits the breeze.

Do you know moments like these? Moments when inexplicably, the world tilts, ideas cascade like you've pulled that brass arm and hit the jackpot, and everything falls magically into place. So, walking as I am (my solution to all manner of heartaches or glowering moods) I know I have it all! It's a breeze.

Naturally, it had all vanished before I took three more steps.

Where does it come from? Where does it go? Did I know the answer..? (What answer?! To what?! What?!)
Tags: rambling
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