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So I bought a house in London.

Louis burned down the house. I rebuilt the house. Louis sold the house. Armand bought the house. I bought another house. So far, the new house is intact which is just as well because it is an exceptionally beautiful house and it's even more substantial in size than the last. That doesn't please Armand at all and this pleases both of us. Louis isn't pleased that I have moved us so close to Armand, but he's delighted that Ian is no longer our house guest. Ian isn't particularly pleased about that but he's even less pleased that Armand has claimed Ian's Talamascan friend, Owen, as his own. What pleases Armand is always anyone's guess, but the fact that Owen is demanding a little freedom to leave Armand's house isn't part of it. Armand and Owen are coming to my house for Christmas, along with a bevy of other guests and this certainly pleases me.
Tags: armand, london, louis, owen
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