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Checking in.

Louis and I retreat from "public life" every now and again. Sometimes we do it because shit is going down. Sometimes we just withdraw because it's what we need to do.

It's been a busy year. I've been held captive in an icy cell and threatened most politely with extermination. I've been made a demon spawned orphan -and unmade again. The Talamasca have become both my close allies and sworn enemies and my disasterous attempts at demon-fighting ended up with wholesale possession. Along the way I've developed a voracious appetite, got myself divorced and picked up an unlikely house guest.

Yes, contain yourself, I am now officially single. The English courts issued their ruling last month. Juliet had asked for nothing but I bought her a house in central London. Perhaps it's a little big for her needs but I over-rode all her protests, furnished her with a suitable income and now she and Edward live there in something like contentment. For the most part. Edward still works for the Talamasca but that devious organization has left her alone. This is just as well for their sake.

The Talamascan ban on contacting us has been eased a little but I wouldn't suggest that any of their unscrupulous number come anywhere near me. Louis and I have just returned from New Orleans where we were definitively stalked. No blood was spilled but she won't try it again.

And so we're back in the tropics, back to the private beach and to l'azure infinie II, my yacht, and to the horses I have stabled here and the tropical gardens I tend. In my absence Ian has been drinking a little more than usual and so the night will soon come when I must return him to England before it's too late for him.

Louis and I have been getting on well enough. It's inevitable that so much time alone together will create a little friction, but the friction hasn't blossomed into full scale arson so I call that a success. The talking thing has stalled. I've got a broken door and a charred boot which can testify to that. Still, he looks just as sensational when he's angry, so all in all life is good.
Tags: ian, island, juliet, louis, new orleans, talamasca
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