Lestat (flambeauvivant) wrote,

Of course I went after it.

Anything is better than sitting around and doing nothing or, even worse, thinking about anything, so I have been tracking the errant spirit which, I am told, had a disembodied hand in my own creation.

I really don't know what I think about that. I have no reason to doubt what I have been told but how can I come to terms with this sordid little twist when it remains nothing but a Talamascan fairy tale? I need more than scholarly whispers. And should I find something which makes the story real in my own mind I don't know if it will actually change anything. Perhaps. If I was chosen by an ancient spirit to be a mere vessel and not by Magnus to be his heir will I have to have to rewrite the significance of my own life? Perhaps not. I'm not giving anything away. It failed.

Why did it fail?

It can certainly move fast. It can cover hundreds or even thousands of miles in a night. It's quite a task to keep up with it. I'm fast, but I am still made of flesh and blood. I'm anchored to the earth. It may have quite an advantage.

I can recognize its presence now. There's a strange little shimmer on the air when its near, a peculiar hum like electricity that sets it apart. When it's a long way away it feels like a brewing storm. Sometimes it doesn't move at all. Its movements seem erratic and angry interspersed with moments when it does nothing at all or even vanishes completely for a few nights. It doesn't seem to be paying me any attention but I have kept my distance - not that I know what a suitable distance is. I don't know the extent of its powers. I don't know what sort of range it has but I can hazard a guess. I'm guessing it's not actually looking for me right now. I think that if it doesn't actually focus on me then it won't find me, not unless I stand in front of it, wave my arms and yell. I might still try that. I'm tired enough.

It can't possess me. That much I do know. It's tried and it's failed. It confines itself to possessing the bodies of mortals. I've been watching it, but I can't see a pattern. It's all so damned frustrating.

The Talamasca don't know what to do. They don't know what to do about this spirit and they don't really know what to do about me. This amuses me no end. Lexia has been chastized for acting against orders and telling me about it all. Usually, a member would be punished for something this serious but I have made it plain that any punishment would incur my immense and immediate displeasure. We'll see. It's certainly given Sir Hugo something else to ponder. He actually told me not to go near it. I do not take orders from Talamascans. I don't take orders from him. And I certainly don't when he's tried to conceal this from me. They have all forgotten who I am! If they try my patience one more time I will remind them.

Right now, I'm tired. I haven't slept for two days. I followed this entity from Belarus to Greenland and from Montana to - actually I don't know, but it was a god awful place in the Pacific Ocean - then here, to Russia. Even vampires need their beauty sleep. And yes, this is absolutely possible. If you can outrun the sun, and I can, then you can remain in eternal night. It involves constantly moving around the globe, east to west. The entity has moved on again, still tracking west, and I have waited for the earth to turn a little before going after it.
Tags: russia, spirit
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