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We arrived just after dark. Lexia's house is comfortable, set in rolling gardens which front the river Thames. That is the view from the main sitting room, although the curtains are now drawn. We talked for three hours straight, Juliet and I, with Lexia also there, and hovering outside were Louis and Edward sitting in comradely silence. I have no doubt that Ian - remember Ian?- was listening to every word though he remained upstairs with Mirella.

It hasn't been easy. It's been exquisitely painful to see her so upset.

In short, I explained as gently as I could that I couldn't stand by and see her give up her life for me. I was gentle because I do love her and I made sure to tell her so. I told her how I knew that in time she would resent her life and regret the time she spends alone, directionless and childless. At first, she protested tearfully and vehemently, but soon admitted that her protests had a lot more to do with the fact that she didn't want to be parted from me than the fact that she disagreed with me.

It's been a bitter task, but it must be done. I told her that I never truly wanted to part with her but she must follow her heart in all things and whatever she decided upon, I would agree to. I asked her plainly about Edward. I've asked her before, but until now she has denied the role he might play in her life if she would only set impossible dreams aside. He has been at her side when I have not and been a stalwart friend and concerned companion. With much prompting she confessed that she did love him, as I know she does and while her love for him might not a passion, it's a very fine beginning. It's a warmth that might lead to all the true desires of her life ahead. To my pure amazement, Lexia agreed with all I had to say. That's a first.

When I called Edward back inside he had the look of a man facing the firing squad. And when I asked him if he loved Juliet, it seemed as if someone had just pulled the trigger. It took no little persuasion to convince him that I wouldn't eat him if he answered me.

So there it is. I have given him my blessing and left it entirely up to Juliet to decide what, if anything, will happen next.
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