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We'll call this an honest update, shall we?

It occurs to me that having known Louis for 225 years, I've actually spent much less than a century with him. We lived together for 74 years in New Orleans - I did that without a calculator, mes amies, get me and the math- and of the years since 1984, most were lived alone. Louis lived with Nicki for several before 2006 which is when we first really gave it a good stab. No pun intended. It failed, of course. You might be used to us living in the same house, but we're not; it's still an uncertain thing and that first great expanse of years wasn't exactly sweetness and light.

I'm handling it superbly, but I'm aware of how fragile this is. I can cope with isolation for only so long. We have been here very much longer than I would usually find comfortable and I haven't bitched about it once. Louis thrives here. He likes the sweet dampness and the quiet. I like it too, but I'll soon feel restless. I'm still irritated with Maharet. I'm still thinking. Still licking my wounds. I still write to Juliet, of course. I miss her terribly, but that bit of reality is finally sinking in.
I've written to her in feverish agitation and she is always so loving in return, but I'm being monstrously unfair to her.
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