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In Answer to your Question

I’m lying in my bed, watching the room expand as the sun rises. I’m lying as you know I always do when I’m about to wink out like a light. I’m on my back, one leg slightly crooked and a tangle of sheets cooling my hips. You know my hair is already an unruly halo. My arm is thrown out beside me, fingers uncurling to touch the space there. There’s that smile even as my eyes close and my breath comes even and slow.

Fall into that darkness with me. Come into that dreaming space between the waking world and encroaching oblivion.

I can feel the shift of your weight beside me, I feel slow indent as your body brushes my outstretched arm, but I'm caught in those sweet black waters. My limbs refuse to answer. Your presence glides over me like a perfume; I can all but feel your smile graze my skin, deliciously maddening, but my conscious self has already slipped beyond my reach.

Your warmth is an opiate, wreathing over my skin. I feel the silky brush of your marauding fingers, the sly brush of your feet against my ankles, and ah, now they are as cold as mine.

As the day steals all thought and movement and life my hungry soul strains towards you.

And that's why I smile in my sleep.
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