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Snow whipped my skin. I caught sight of a thick forest and a frozen river and a great expanse of nothing rolling for miles. Mael and Thorne had deposited me gently enough but immediately I was urged towards a squat building which lay several feet away. They moved the snow from against the door and obligingly I stepped through it. First, there was a long corridor, then we descended several floors down to where the building opened out into a series of larger rooms. It was a little warmer down there but not very much.

“Are we going to her now?” I was saying, but a door closed behind me. Silence. I was alone. Then I heard the solid click of a lock.

You have to be kidding me. I hit the door once in frustration but I didn’t try to open it. It emitted a depressingly metallic sound. Where would I go anyway?  I didn’t know where I was and I had no idea why I was here. The room was outfitted with a desk and a large chair but there was no bed. I decided to take that as a good sign. Definitely a good sign, right? There was no fire either and my hair was caked with ice. I was still dressed for Louisiana nights in shirt-sleeves and lightweight pants, all partly frozen to my skin. At least the floor was laid out with rugs, wall to wall. I kicked off my boots and tried the chair for size. Of course, there were no windows either since we were far beneath the earth, just some harsh electric light and walls the color of a prison cell. The desk was bare.

I have no idea how long I was there.

I woke up. Had a day passed or had I merely dozed? I had no way of knowing. When I wasn’t sleeping, I paced the small room growing ever more agitated. I sent a silent message to Armand, but he didn’t answer. She’d know that I’d done it, of course, but I simply couldn’t stand it. I could hear passing footsteps and talking in several languages I couldn’t understand. I could hear the infinite little sounds of many people going about their business and I could feel the presence of a whole host of beings, some very ancient indeed. I didn’t eavesdrop. I took my seat again, feet on the desk.

The door opened.

I jumped up. Still without boots.I saw Thorne’s impassive face and then he vanished. The door stayed open. Right then.

I grabbed up my boots and went to meet my fate.
Tags: mael, maharet, thorne
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