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In camera

Yes, I've been silent. Sometimes even I enjoy a little privacy.

I spent the old year with Juliet. Christmas with her family was marvelous, but then we spent time alone. Just she and I and her hot little heart near mine and the wheeling stars above. I miss her. We do belong in different worlds but for a week or two we really do forget everything.

So I've returned to Location X, the super-villain hideaway. Daniel is still here with Armand. I like Danny. He doesn't spend much time in the real world and perhaps that's just as well. That's a good enough way to survive. Well, he spends hours upon hours in the new games room that Armand set up for him while his maker watches with proprietorial satisfaction. Vincent has left, but I think he'll return soon. I don't recognize the others.

Instead, I spent the New Year with Louis away from them all.

Tags: armand, daniel, juliet, louis
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