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Still tripping.

It's been a hell of a holiday. I spent it with Juliet and with Lexia, Juliet's cousin, who threw a party. Louis was with me and Juliet's parents and extended family. I invited Talamasca too, all known to Lexia - Ian, poor nervous Edward and Gerald who I have known since my first visit to the Talamasca some thirty years ago. We all sat around a table. They ate, we all drank wine of one sort or another, and we were practically a normal family. And that's why I adored it so much.

Juliet's family don't know the big family secret, of course, but everyone else did. I think it went extraordinarily well!

And my heart is full of love for them and for you. Ain't life grand.
Tags: christmas, juliet, lexia, london, louis
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