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His voice is so familiar and so welcome that if it had substance I could have kissed it. Marius will soon gather Louis into his care.

And when he told me how kind I was to extend this invitation I realized how much I have missed his urbane generosity because surely he knows how much I loathe asking for his help. I could have asked Marius to come to me a dozen times and I never once have, not even when I was burned to bone and blackened skin and an infusion of his blood could have saved me years of creeping agony.

He didn't mention Armand at all, not even to me, but I know the wish is there. Armand doesn't want to see his old maker but Marius would see him if he could. What passes between a vampire and his child is really a private thing, at least where others of our kind are involved and I would never broach the subject.
Tags: armand, auvergne, louis, marius
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