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I've never been the next of kin before.

As far as officialdom goes, I live with Juliet at Lexia's and now and again a letter might arrive for me. I don't get a lot of mail there but a married man has to have a stable address and his wife by his side and a trash can into which to stick his junk mail.

Juliet has a weak heart. It once stopped beating for long enough to cause damage to the smooth muscle which powers it. Miraculous gadgetry will soon make her stronger. She is scheduled for surgery when she is a little more robust. In the meantime, she takes lots of little pills and avoids undue stress like living with me.

So I've had a letter. A letter full of letters. So many acronyms! Why can't they just say what they mean?

As Juliet's husband I've been asked to attend a course.

I've just looked up what CPR means. It seems I have to learn what to do if her heart fails her again. Imagine that!

I'm going to bring people back from the dead.
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