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When I last dropped in on Juliet, Edward was already there.

He's often at Lexia's house and I encourage it. Juliet should have friends and most particularly she should have at least one friend who knows enough about me to appreciate her situation.

If you don't know anything about Edward you should know this. Edward is a willowy young fellow and really rather beautiful. He has extraordinarily pale skin stretched over very high cheek bones and a thick shock of very red hair. He was Juliet's paramour before me and his heart still thumps hard when she is near. He's also a junior member of the Talamasca which makes it rather interesting.

Last night, I stared at him for quite some time to work out what his talents might be. Yeah, all right. Aside from that. Very often, new Talamascan recruits have one or many raw talents. Perhaps they can read minds or see ghosts. You know. All that preternatural razzmatazz. I can sense something in him but he has yet to harness whatever it is. When I see something flinch behind those clear eyes of his I wonder if he knows about it at all.

He's never comfortable when I'm around. Of course no-one is relaxed who truly knows who and what I am. That's just common sense. That's the working of millennia-old instinct. However, among those who do know and who also enjoy my protection Edward takes it to an extreme. Lord but he gets jumpy when I move or when he doesn't expect me to speak! He always ensures that someone else sits between us. That is, until I move closer. Poor Edward. I do tease him. In fact, I can be perfectly horrid to him although I do like him immensely.

Lexia scolded me for flashing my fangs at him. What? It's just a smile.
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