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I have been musing on friendship and how it is woven in with kindness and shared experiences and honesty.

Do you think you know me?

Well, perhaps. Has it been a while since you've responded to me (or I to you?). Leave me unanswered and I shall not be offended. Sooner or later I'll just withdraw what I have extended without a word. I simply like to touch an old friend upon the shoulder in brief inquiry and yeah, solicitous of your welfare, would you credit it, and yet there is absolutely no need to do so if you don't wish to. Never.

I'm not particularly altruistic. I'm honest enough to know it. I have always preferred compassion and easy fellow feeling.

Do you second guess me with preconceptions, (or I you?) Judge ye or judge ye not, I won't flinch -unless I adore you- I like to invite a little confusion, and don't we both know it, yet I'll wager that I wonder what's under your skin more often than you do mine. I'll toss a coin on the baize of your skimming perception.

By your friends shall you be known. Do you know your friends?

Who do you talk to? Who do you listen to? What concerns you? Do you talk more honestly to strangers or to intimate companions? Do you read one journal more avidly than another and find yourself nodding at what you read there, a smile on your lips?

I wonder often if Aristotle was right... in a stalwart friend do we find a deceiver when we need deceiving, an absolver when we need to be absolved? Is the goal of your friendship merely in the relationship itself, simply that you know this friend, and not in utility or pleasure?

Yeah, so I'm back to thinking about those I know, or have known and what draws us together or what it is that fails to make a connection. Perhaps it's simply love. That's usually the answer to everything.
Tags: friendship, rambling
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