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Inject Valium here

Armand has arrived. True to form, he didn't tell me when he got here and skulked about a few miles away until I agreed to go to him. I'm too wired to care about his little power games right now. I'm sure he will try much harder with them until I do. Still, I practically crushed him to death when I first saw him. I really feel much better now he is here. I need his stoic presence. I'm going out of my mind.

Two Talamascans are here too. One is a short fellow with very fine dark hair and a little scar on his cheek that lends him a permanently worried look. He has several large boxes with him which I imagine are books and whatever supplies he thinks are necessary to deal with our mutual problem. The other is an imposing woman with gray hair and piercing eyes. Her name is Ruth. Clearly, she's the anti-spirit gun in the Talamascan arsenal. I have no idea what she can do, but I can feel the pulse of her power.

As for the invisible beast itself, it's been quiet. It took possession of an old man who was walking his little dog, but the man was dead soon after, his head smashed against a rock. It moved on to a young woman. Three nights on, as far as I know it is still there. It hasn't moved from the small town it found itself in and it hasn't done anything of consequence. It waits. I don't know why. I wish it would do something!

And I wait too.

I paid the scholars a brief visit while Armand went to track the spirit alone. That's absolutely perfect because I'd rather keep him well away from the mortals if I can. The man, Greg, is easy to read. They have been told to treat me with courtesy and the utmost caution, but try to keep their distance. Isn't that lovely?

The woman was exceptionally polite. I do love old school manners. She extended her hand, welcomed me most eloquently and apologized that there was nothing she could offer me as she would were I mortal. We exchanged some delightful pleasantries and ruthlessly checked each other out. She isn't easily intimidated. I like that a lot. She was also annoyed that she could not read my mind. That works for me too.

She promised to share all her findings with me and I promised to abide by her guidance when it was time to approach the spirit.

We both lied.
Tags: armand, greg, ruth, spirit, talamasca
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