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I've been categorized.

Here I am talking to my beloved Juliet on the telephone, and right beside her is Edward - you remember Edward? How can anyone forget Edward with that deliciously pale skin and clever eyes - Edward has come to see Lexia, fellow Talamascan. In England, he and Juliet have joined Lexia for dinner.

So Juliet lets out a cry and rushes to deal with a sudden conflagration. Edward gets the cell phone with me at the end of it. Edward is rarely overjoyed by this, but tonight he's a little bolder than usual with me a thousand miles away and with more than a little beer inside him. And ten minutes later he says something extraordinary.

He says that I'm a classic case. I'm text book. I'm the one who inspired the phrase. I'm I. P.

Immortal Polyamory.


The Talamasca coined that phrase some years ago to describe my - he used this delighful word - proclivities. I just had to ask him what he meant by that and I swear it took him several minutes to pick the right words.

Frankly, I'm not monogamous. Who'd have guessed it? Ha. But according to Edward there are actual research papers on it.

Yes, mes amies, the venerable Talamasca have devoted much time and energy to my love life. It's a Thing.

So, Louis. Now you know.
Tags: juliet. edward, louis, talamasca
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