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Have I told you lately that I love you?

Yes, we've been silent, but we haven't vanished for good. Even we need a little privacy now and then, a little time to ourselves.

Louis and I have been closeted away from the world at large. Just Louis and I - though Nicki, Armand and Daniel have been around just now and then.

You see, we've become reacquainted with each other. We've rediscovered the old-new nature of who we are. And so we've kept to ourselves, spending a fair amount of time in our room or in the suite of rooms that adjoin it and on the great old yacht that's rolling on black waves in the bay below.

I watch him as he reads; watch the familiar little tic tug at his cheek when he finds something with which he disapproves. I watch unknown tensions stiffen his arms and his long, careful fingers turning each page. I note again the disparity between his unfailingly elegant poise and the way his hair falls into his eyes and the procession of dowdy shirts he wears. Sometimes he dresses to please me. I'm always greedy for that, but recently I've let him lapse back into his usual symphony of shapeless black for which I'm developing quite a taste. I have fallen in love with the sound of his voice.

I've rediscovered the familiar thud of his heart beat which is as distinctive to me as his fine cheekbones and those extraordinary green eyes. My hands have mapped out the contours of his body as if I have never felt it before. That's been fun. My mouth has explored him inside and out. That's been delicious.

It's not all sweetness and light. Don't get me wrong. We still fight.

With time to rediscover him, I have come to think he likes that almost as much as I do.

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