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A list requested by Angelina.

I would like you to post a list titled "How to Seduce Louis" and dedicate it to our beloved Katrina since she is an avid Louis fan. *Chuckles* And yes, she has approved of this no-doubt fiasco and yes, I know this will turn Louis a flushed shade of pink.

How to Seduce Louis - dedicated to Catrina.

  1. Louis is fixated upon religious imagery. If he can draw a comparison between my appearance and that of Christ, then you know he’s really got it bad. Babette appeared the ideal human being, which is to say she was no such thing but a dreadful harridan in the guise of an angel.
  2. Don’t be drawn in by his unfailing politeness. Louis despises dreadful manners but he’s secretly intrigued by anyone who side steps them. Match grace with ebullience and he positively shivers.
  3. I have always found that the frisson of competitiveness puts a spark in his eye.
  4. He loves the rolling silence before dawn. It works some strange alchemy on him. It is then that he is most responsive to the pull of his senses - and mine.
  5. Louis has a great deal of strength and self determination but often doesn't use it. And he likes to have it stripped from him. There are battles he fights in order to lose.
  6. He becomes truculent when his hair or skin is touched in any uninvited manner. To impose on his personal space is liable to make him cold and uneasy. However, if it is done without thinking, he forgets all thoughts of protest.
  7. He doesn’t lack a sense of adventure even if he rarely initiates that sort of action and even protests against it. Once those first steps are taken and all is settled and sure, he sinks himself into the new scenario with such unexpected gusto that you’d surely wonder at it.
  8. He can sit in the garden for hours. Something unfolds in his soul beneath the waxing moon and a bower of fragrant greenery. I swear he’s some eldritch creature from a forgotten age, made of moonlight and shadow .
  9. He loves creativity. He becomes as relaxed as I have ever seen him when he pick up his drawing pencils.
  10. Patience.
  11. A little surrender goes a long, long way.
  12. Kiss the nape of his neck. This carries a deeper meaning for us, of course, but it’s still the sensation he most delights in.
  13. He’s most attracted to certain parts of my own body which you've probably noticed in his sketches. Where women are concerned, he’s always noticed arms and ankles.
  14. Find the right moment and peak monsieur’s interest with a little brusqueness of expression; just a bit of well-placed verve and scurrilous ribaldry. Possibly a touch of vulgarity. The results are frequently astounding.
  15. Am I the only connoisseur of beauty? I think not.
  16. Talk to Louis without any thought of eliciting pity or indeed any response whatever. He finds it to be a generous gift.
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