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Why not change the world from the bottom up - isn’t that a true democracy?

Better that than concern oneself with whoever has this badge or that title although of course there is real potential to do enduring good or cast a pall of destruction over the face of the earth, but politics, politics. If someone wanted to change the world, if they really had that burning passion, they’d just do it, right? Hell I would.

Ah no, that’s not a naïve stance, or at least I don’t believe so, but it’s possible, really possible. In fact, though I’m a staunch believer in people, hence democracy, sometimes I do wonder if it works any more effectively than any other form of government.

What’s the hook that keeps the Western system of government rolling on? Apathy? No obvious butchering of millions… (maybe… that depends who you ask…) or repression of speech? (Ditto.) Well hey, sometimes I see little difference between capitalism and a traditional despot. There’s more honesty in many a tyrant than a politician.

Money is power. Popularity is the key, bread and circuses, red tape, looking the tallest on TV. Who rules with a sense of sincerity, humanity, passion… Take the BS out of current politics and what’s left? You know the old adage, those who want power the most should be kept away from it at all costs. We spend a great deal of time picking apart our leaders, but again, if we cared enough, we’d have none of them! Apathy, again, all is apathy.

Don’t point the finger at someone for being this or that, a warmonger or hypocrite or whatever is doing the rounds without doing something about it. Talk is cheap. If people want something enough they can make it happen, or stop. Isn't that what democracy is about? If you care, do something, don’t whine about it.

Vivre l’ égalité!

Storm the Bastille!

Alright, so I’m half serious, but really I do believe it. If I really, sincerely cared a jot for politics then world beware. No, I’m not advocating anarchy, and no, I’m not about to suggest that the world is best served by oligarchy/despotism/fascism or even everyone doing what the hell I say.

I do absolutely believe in progress and the world has never been such a progressive, miraculous, downright amazing place as it is now. Wars? Nothing new. Famine? Old news. Terrorism? The Ancient Greeks thought it effective. Greed? Since the dawn of time, baby. In fact human nature has never changed, the world has never changed. All that's changed is the politics.
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