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List 20 random facts about yourself then tag as many people as minutes it takes you to complete.

1. I might be fond of the spotlight, but I also guard my privacy.
2. I’m inordinately fond of Gothic girls and boys. Melancholic chic, eye-liner, black hair and rock music. De-licious.
3. I fell from my horse as a child, tearing my arm and leg. I carried the scars into adulthood.
4. I either have a short attention span or I’m unshakably obsessive.
5. I love appalling puns and riddles.
6. I never forget a friend or a kindness. I’m hypnotized by kindness. It never fails to touch me.
7. I have a passion for gadgets and toys but I refuse to read instructions and I can never work out how to use them.
8. I love aliases and pseudonyms. I often go by another name for the sheer hell of it.
9. I do tend to forgive any slight done to me although this might well be sometime after the resulting fit of anger.
10. I replace more things through having broken them myself than through mechanical fault.
11. I am vain, it’s perfectly true but I also love to get extremely dirty.
12. Small talk bores me.
13. I love the eighteenth century Philosophes, nineteenth century French Decadence and surrealism, twentieth century rock music.
14. If I want it- that means yesterday.
15. I am fond of calling myself a habitual liar, but really that’s a lie.
16. Regret is a waste of time. Life is not for looking back on while there is more to live ahead.
17. I loathe ill-mannered people.
18. I dislike cats but I love human felines.
19. I adore originality and individuality.
20. I’m rarely without music which I always play very loudly. If people begin to yell, the volume is about right.

I’m not timing myself.
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